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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review: Rosebud Hill, Volume 1: Searching for Willoughby

Rosebud Hill, Volume 1: Searching for Willoughby Rosebud Hill, Volume 1: Searching for Willoughby by Martin Reaves
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Review: ROSEBUD HILL VOL. 1 by Martin Reaves

"Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!" describes my immediate and continued awe as I devoured this novel! Suspension of disbelief was immediate and permanent. I thought Mr. Reaves had delved into the Akashic Records and read my thoughts, dreams, and experience, then set those in a locale I've never been. ROSEBUD HILL VOL. 1 is so perfect, and I find no fault. I'm as excited reading it as I am a John Connolly novel in his Charlie Parker series--which is to say, over the moon and then some.

Mr. Reaves sets his tales on a haunted [really haunted, really preternatural] stretch of quiet, rural, isolated Oregon highway. Only sometimes this particular road is not quite as isolated as it should be. Sometimes there are impossibly tall mist beings, sometimes there's a town that shouldn't [and doesn't] exist. Sometimes there's inexplicable disease, too many missing young women, too easy to disappear. In this 12-mile stretch, the veil is very, very permeable, not just at Halloween.

There are some really nasty villains here--not all of them human. There are people who have committed really bad acts, but want redemption. There are good folks too. And then there's Rosebud Hill, the town that is, or isn't, depending; and a bloody camper hidden way back in the woods...

Mr. Reaves deftly weaves in the original Twilight Zone: if you remember it, you 'll love what he does. If you don't, no worry, he ensures readers' understanding. I am also reminded of the original Outer Limits series as well.

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